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Welcome to the Murals Section

 Chris Shields

Imaginative  and  skilful  murals  painted on brick walls, stone walls, smooth walls  and  rough  walls,  murals on old doors,  murals  on  new doors,  murals on ceilings, murals on floors, large size, small size, inside or outside. Murals for   buildings;  business  or  public,  murals  for  vehicles,  the theatre  or  home.


When it comes to creating  murals there are a number of factors to consider, these will all influence the time it will take and consequently the final price:

The size, (larger murals will require scaffolding).

The detail and complexity of your mural design.

The surface texture, (it is easier to paint a mural on a smooth wall and uses less paint than a course textured surface).

The location (is the mural to be painted on a wall, ceiling or floor, is it inside or outside?)

 If outside will your mural need an anti graffiti coating?

Desk drawn artwork needs to be photographically blown up in size, printed onto vinyl and then transferred to your trailer, van, car etc.  

As a first step to creating your mural art we will engage in a brainstorming session with you to decide what your mural will look like, after which we can then provide an individual quote, discuss time scales and answer any other questions you may have.

As a second step we will present you with a detailed and accurate scale drawing, you may then make any alterations you desire. At this point we would also require a small deposit.

On your approval of the mural design the third and final step is to begin the actual painting.

If you require any other information please feel free to contact us at:

Chris Shields,  artist and wildlife illustrator and graduated from Northwich College of Art and Design in 1973.   

      He has been painting and illustrating animals since he was knee high to a grasshopper and feels himself fortunate indeed, to have  combined his two main passions in life - wildlife and painting,  into a life long career as a wildlife artist. 

In 1983 after a short career in advertising and commercial art he followed his passion for wildlife and became a self-employed wildlife artist and illustrator, specializing in book illustration.

He spent many years perfecting his artistic skills and is now regarded as one of the worlds foremost Wildlife illustrators; he is also a talented painter of landscapes, still-life, murals and people. Chris has produced to date in excess of twenty thousand wildlife illustrations in over 300 books, numerous calendars, greeting cards, posters and jigsaw puzzles. He has exhibited his paintings widely in the United Kingdom and China and has paintings in public and private collections all over the world.

As a wildlife artist & illustrator he has work published by many organizations including:  A & C Black, BBC Wildlife Magazine,  Harper Collins,   Usborne Publishing and environmental charities such as:  WWF (The World Wide Fund for Nature),  RSPB (The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds),  FSC  (Field Studies Council) and  The Wildlife Trusts.  

 wildlife artist - Chris Shields

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